In a recent transaction -the purchasing of a very important ongoing Venezuelan company- the participation of an international investment fund, was publicly addressed. An investment fund is a rather traditional vehicle for multinational ventures and investments, that yet was disappeared due to the economic and political situation.

An international investment fund agglutinates not only the basic common strategies of investment for a group, but also the corporate governance frame and rules. It also executes the key decisions issued by investment managers; all in an institutional and independent fashion. It’s the most common, institutional and versatile vehicle for entering target markets, such as Venezuela. If a fund could also provide full confidentiality not only about terms and conditions, but also about parties involved in said investments, a mostly needed factor is also met, to ensure the efficiency of the transaction.

An international investment fund holding a license to invest in certain markets –usually highly regulated for foreign investors- could also diminish precious time to cover the learning curve for entrance. Timing could represent an important difference in the purchasing value.

An efficient fund fully complies with the various regulatory processes referring not only to the validation and certification of the origin of the resources allocated to investments, but also to the recurrent obligations before banking and financial institutions and local regulators. It would act as a hub of information and decisions, compliance activities and legal representation of the investors.

International investment funds are the most efficient way of performing investment in an efficient and institutional way and those are reappearing in the Venezuelan market.

La gestión de un fondo de inversión, también resulta muy eficiente a la hora de cumplir con las innumerables y cada vez más complejas regulaciones del mundo financiero internacional. La administración del fondo puede unificar la información de las partes involucradas, generar la documentación que sustenta la operación y el origen legal de fondos y, en suma, hacer frente único, eficiente e institucional, a todas las obligaciones que permanentemente deben cumplirse en el mundo financiero actual.

Los fondos de inversión internacional son la manera más eficiente de ejecutar negocios multinacionales trascendentes, y están de vuelta en Venezuela.